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The unfortunate truth is that even here in California, some children find themselves in a situation where neither parent is able to see to their care and welfare, either temporarily or permanently.

Serious drug or alcohol abuse, imprisonment, or personal tragedy is often the reason but there are many. Life throws us a curve-ball once in a while and, when it does, we must make arrangements for our children's care and safety.

When neither parent is available to responsibly care for a child, an appropriate caregiver is often available among the child's relatives and family friends. Without a court order, however, the caregiver will not have the legal authority to do more than see to the day-to-day care of the child. To enroll them in school, pick them up after field trips, approve their medical treatment, or make other parental decisions, the caregiver needs to become a legal guardian.

The Law Office of Anthony Zunino often works with grandparents, stepparents, aunts and uncles, older siblings and family friends who are seeking appointment as a guardian. If you have questions about who qualifies to be a legal guardian and what the process requires, contact us online or call 707-657-4554.

After a Guardianship, Can I Get My Kids Back?

Guardianships do not forever terminate the parent's legal rights. Instead, the parental rights are suspended during the course of the guardianship, except that the court may order parenting time (visitation) and other provisions, as appropriate. The primary consideration is the children's best interest, as in all proceedings affecting children.

There may be a time limit to the guardianship, such as in cases where a parent is incarcerated for an offense that does not affect parenting. In other situations, a parent may need to demonstrate to the court that he or she has taken the necessary steps to overcome their problem. In cases where mom or dad is not able to parent responsibly, a guardian may eventually petition the courts for permanent custody of the children.

For More Information About Guardianships, Contact Us Today

Guardianship actions can be quite simple when all parties agree to the request. Contested guardianship actions, however, can be complex, an experienced attorney's support is required to properly navigate the process. Call the Law Office of Anthony Zunino at 707-657-4554 or contact us online to discuss your situation.

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