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In California, the amount of child support parents are ordered to pay is generally determined using the California Child Support Guidelines. The guidelines take into account the incomes of both parents, the amount of time they cared for the children before the breakup, and a variety of other factors.

Although the resulting calculation is called the "guideline amount," the courts will only deviate from these guidelines for very specific reasons.

If you need to establish child support for your kids, contact the Law Office of Anthony Zunino in Santa Rosa. Attorney Anthony Zunino practices exclusively in family law, and he can help you understand what to expect.

What Factors Are Considered When Determining Child Support?

Once it is determined who will be paying child support, the amount must be decided. The key factors include the parents' incomes, the children's financial needs, how much time each parent will be spending with the children and a limited number of other factors that promote the children's best interests. Each of those factors depends on your individual circumstances.

For example, when determining how much income a parent has available, we don't use that parent's gross income. The guidelines allow us to consider things like:

  • Support being paid for children from earlier relationships
  • Income allocated toward retirement accounts, health insurance and union dues
  • Whether the parent is willfully underemployed

Similarly, the amount in support a particular child needs can vary based on considerations such as:

  • The need to pay for child care
  • Unusual educational or medical needs
  • Whether extensive travel will be required for visitation

Since the outcome of your child support calculation depends on so many factors, it is not as simple as it may seem. Having a lawyer walk you through the possible issues could make a real difference.

Modifying Child Support Obligations

Either party can request a modification of an existing child support order if his or her financial circumstances or shares of custody time have changed. It is also possible to get a modification if your original child support order was not based on the current guidelines.

Modifying child support obligations needs to be completed through the court system. While an agreement with your former spouse or partner may work for a while, that agreement does not hold up in court. You may be found in contempt if you do not uphold the obligations set forth in the original divorce decree or child support order. At the Law Office of Anthony Zunino, we can help make your child support modification official.

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